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[[Riri, Haiden. This takes place right after the first chapter, when the Hunters have found our home and want to kill us. If you need a refresher on your abilities I do have the information with me I believe.]]

-The four Hunters stand at the cave entrance, staring down the three siblings with distaste in their eyes. The Vampire has her claws outstretched, the Angels have their bows and the Dragon has his dagger. The Vampire raises one hand to point a claw at Rishi who recoils in fear.-

Don't worry, it won't hurt...for long. -The Vampire's voice is snide and telling. It's obvious that she's insincere in her reassurance.

Why do you do this? Why do you want us dead? What did we ever do to deserve this? -Rishi asks on the verge of tears, but very obviously curious despite the situation.

Do we need a reason to? Not only do we get paid, but we can exterminate vermin as well.

-Rishi recoils at the apparent detestation and honest belief in the Vampire's words. She knew that others disliked Hybrids, but to hate them so much that someone would hire another to actively hunt them down and kill them? That was too much. Rishi looks over at her sister for a reaction, a sign, anything that would tell Rishi what she needed to do.- Rika?

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