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Okay so this is another Romantic Fiction Although there's original characters it will get better I promise I'm still getting used to writing romance type stuff. And Before I even had a chance to copy and paste the said document it turns out it got corrupted and 7 pages of work went completely dead so now I shall write them again from the best of my memory and hopefully will have it up by tomorrow sorry for the delay

Here's a sneak peak of what i remembered

Haruko gripped tightly at his back pack as the bus rattled down the imperfect road as he held in one hand his class schedule and his phone in the other which had a message on it,” It’s over Mai” He’d keep quiet to himself not even listening to music just staring at his phone and that message that was imprinted into his mind. He’d feel a lump start to form in his throat and his spine would shiver as he could feel his eyes starting to water. “Three years,” He’d whisper softly. He and Mai had been together sense sophomore year of high school and this year after graduation they got into the same University, Toshiro University. Today was his first day of going to the University and he expected to meet up with Mai on the bus, but from the looks of it she wasn’t going to show up. He felt warm streams run down the sides of his slightly flushed cheeks and he wipe it away on his sleeve as he’d stare down at the floor of the bus. His long bangs draped over his face as he stared down at the floor which seemed to be jumping by the ever so often bump on the road. The bus would stop to let even more students and other people on, public transit was always such a pain you never knew who could be sitting next to you, Hakuro would think to himself. He’d close his eyes when he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder which made him jolt up nearly yelling out. He would look to see a raven haired man cut short and emerald green eyes and slight five ‘clock shadow.
“Would you mind if I sat here?” The man asked in quiet, if docile sounding voice.

He would look and notice a man with short raven colored hair and emerald green eyes with a slight 5o’clock shadow with a slight grin on his face almost a smirk. Hakuro would not and scotch over to allow the man to sit as he clutched his back pack at his chest with his eyes closed trying to clear his head again.
“So are you one of the students admitted into Toshiro University?” (TU)
Hakuro would open his eyes again and look towards his second passenger on the bus,” Oh yeah it’s actually going to be my first day,” Hakuro would smile the false smile he’d always wear when he felt depressed but didn’t want to show it, he was not too keen on letting people in on his emotions.
The man would stare at him tilting his head,” How can you do that?” the man would ask in a curious voice.
Hakuro would blink with a pause,” Do what?” What’s he getting at he’d think to himself.
“How can you smile so cheerfully yet so empty?”
Hakuro’s cheeks would flush slightly and he’d turn away, how the hell did he read me so quickly? He would gain his composure and turn back leaning his head back in the seat,” All seems to have been perfect on me going to my first day at TU, but something happened just before you got on that changed everything. I received a message on my phone from my girlfriend Mai who got accepted into TU as well and we were going to study together. Then I get this message on my phone that just plain says, It’s over-Mai.” He would lean his head foreward with his eyes closed trying to suppress the lump in his throat again.
“It’s her loss right if she just up and left you then I guess it means she didn’t deserve you.” The man would place his hand on Hakuro’s shoulder the touch of sympathy gave a comforting feeling making him crack a slight smile.
”Thanks, by the way I don’t believe I caught your name?” Hakuro would reply, but at that moment the bus came to a halt at the University and before he knew it the Man had already gotten off the bus and disappeared. He quickly got up and off the bus before the bus left and walked casually to his class room. Introduction into art huh, he’d think to himself smiling looking at the cloudless blue sky a breeze of air wafting by softly kissing his cheeks. It was almost as the day was beckoning to him to stay outside and lie in the grass all day. Even as he thought this he knew he couldn’t skip his first class day. He finally arrived to his class room and walked in surprised to see the backs of the heads of many students already at their desks.
“Mr.Hakuro you are late,” a voice would sound and startle him as he’d see the grey haired teacher who looked to be in his late 40’s with thick rimmed glasses and extended gut.
“Oh, I’m sorry Mr.Hiyate,” He’d say bowing looking around for the only available seat in the front furthest right desk in the corner of the room. He’d get himself situated and sit attentive as the teacher would stand in the front of the class giving an introduction as to just what was required in the art class.

“Now to conclude I want to introduce you to the TA I’ll be having this year to help any students who are struggling that I can’t get to.” Not a moment after Mr.Hiyate spoke those words the door would open revealing the tutor. To Hakuro’s surprise it was that man who he sat next to on the bus. “Everyone this is Toroka Ushima.”
” I shall be your T.A. for the year so if you ever see me around when you can’t find Mr.Hiyate feel free to ask me for help,” he’d say smiling and eyeing Hakuro for a quick second before sitting down at his desk pulling out a binder and writing notes.
Mr.Hiyate would release the class 30 minutes early and Hakuro would getup and glance at Toroka before exiting the class room as he’d stare out at the clear blue sky that gave a perfect background for the landscape.
He’d smile and walk out to go for a walk behind the school where the grassy area was, he didn’t have class in another hour anyway so he figured he’d kill an hour outside. He’d come to a tree and sit under it closing his eyes and enjoying the warmth of the air while still in the shade.
“So you can smile for real? I was worried that you couldn’t give a full hearted smile,” a voice would sound in front of him as Hakuro would open his eyes to see Toroka.

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